• 28 September 2017

New Super-Fast Soaking SPEEDY-MASH Fibre from SPILLERS®

SPILLERS® has introduced SPILLERS® SPEEDY-MASH Fibre to its comprehensive fibres portfolio and it has a soaking time to rival the quickest currently on the market.


It is a super-fast soaking sugar beet blend with an irresistible apple aroma that only takes 60 seconds to prepare. SPILLERS® is supporting retailers with the new product launch by running a special consumer promotion; your customers can benefit from £1 off each bag, while stocks last on flashed stocks only.


SPILLERS® SPEEDY-MASH Fibre is high in fibre, low in starch and is molasses free so it’s suitable for every horse or pony, including good doers and those prone to laminitis. It soaks in 60 seconds to form an appetising apple-scented mash, which also makes it perfect for senior horses with poor teeth; especially those who have difficulty chewing long fibre.


With a full range of vitamins and minerals, prebiotic FOS and probiotic live yeast for digestive health, SPILLERS® SPEEDY-MASH Fibre also contains quality protein to help maintain topline and muscle tone. This is especially important for balancing the diet of horses and ponies on calorie-restricted rations.


SPILLERS® SPEEDY-MASH Fibre has undergone extensive palatability trials and it seems that horses and ponies can’t get enough of it. 91% of horse owners surveyed would purchase SPEEDY-MASH Fibre if stocked in their local feed store*. One tester reported: “Satisfying, quick, suits needs and my horse likes it. Holly didn’t stop for air it was so good. She needs a bib! You put a little in and once soaked you get a lot out.”


Others have said: “A delicious, non-heating fibre feed that appealed to our very fussy thoroughbred, and kept his weight on and brain sane!” and “Mango is a fussy eater and will often throw his food around rather than eat it! He loved the SPILLERS® trial product and happily ate it without pony nuts mixed in.” The owner of an elderly horse said: “It’s easy to soak, does the job and is very palatable even for the elderly horse that is known to have less of an appetite.”


Clare Barfoot RNutr, the research and development manager at SPILLERS® said: “There is something very comforting about feeding soaked feeds which is why bran mashes and sugar beet have been so popular in years gone by, but these traditional practices take time and don’t provide a balanced ration. In our modern world where time is precious SPILLERS® SPEEDY-MASH Fibre delivers a balanced super fast soaking fibre blend you won’t have to keep your horse waiting long for!”


SPILLERS® Speedy-Mash Fibre is a reliable choice to stock because comprehensive trials have been carried out with horse owners to ensure palatability and enjoyment for horses and peace of mind for their owners.



It has an RRP of £9.49 and is backed by a nationwide, multi-platform launch campaign as well as the special discount promotion of £1 off each bag, while stocks last and on flashed stocks only.   There will be extensive print, digital adverting, point of sale and for the first time ever, SPILLERS® will be advertising on TV & YouTube with SPEEDY-MASH Fibre. The advert will be shown first on H&C TV from the 9th October. The product will also be supported with social media activity and giveaways.


*Survey conducted in May 2017 with 75 horse owners