The best known feed brand SPILLERS® celebrates Balancers with major consumer promotion

SPILLERS® is celebrating the benefits of Balancers with a special consumer promotion on its strong range of six products in this category.


You can encourage sales by passing on full discounts to your customers of between £3.00 and £5.00 off flashed bags for six weeks from 3rd July, while stocks last.


Since 2011 the share of Balancers in the bucket, compared to traditional compound feeds, has increased by more than 50% yet there’s still some misunderstanding about their true purpose. SPILLERS®, the best- known equine feed brand in the UK*, advises that retailers should always keep a good range in stock and be ready to help clear up any confusion about what a balancer actually does.


Clare Barfoot RNutr, the research and development manager at SPILLERS® blows a few common myths. She said: “A balancer will not provide enough additional calories to build condition, lite versions will not work like a ‘diet’ pill and facilitate weight loss on their own and lastly balancers even when they contain functional ingredients can’t treat clinical conditions - this is an area for veterinary treatment.”


However, balancers are an ideal solution to many of today’s nutritional needs. A well-designed balancer will provide optimum levels of vitamins and minerals to balance the base diet whilst supplying negligible calories and starch; ideal for horses and ponies that maintain their weight on a forage-only diet or for those that need less than the recommended amount of compound feed.


Andrew Brown, General Manager at Bedfordshire Growers Limited said: “SPILLERS® Balancers are well named and accurately described. Customers can be choosy and each Balancer in the SPILLERS® range has its place. I tend to stock all six to make sure I don’t disappoint. I know my customers are going to be very enthusiastic about this promotion.”


SPILLERS® is offering £3.00 Off Daily Balancer, Lite + Lean Balancer and Gro N’ Win® Stud Balancer and £5.00 Off Original Multi Balancer, Supple + Senior Balancer and Pro Performance Balancer for six weeks from 3rd July, while flashed stocks last.



There has never been a better time to stock SPILLERS® Balancers and there is full spectrum of point of sale materials clearly explaining which balancer to choose from the SPILLERS® range.