In-Practice Wet Chemistry Made Easy for Equine Practices

Quantum Vet Diagnostics, a division of Woodley Equipment Company, was specifically created to specialise in wet chemistry solutions, which are particularly suited to Equine Practices.


The InSight Evolution Wet Chemistry Analyser is a fully automated clinical chemistry analyser, which uses liquid reagents and is approximately 70% cheaper to run than dry chemistry. The analyser benefits from a colour touch screen, fast accurate results and the opportunity to carry out both single and profile testing. The InSight Evolution with on-board reagent cooling is fully automatic – no manual pipetting is needed and requires minimal user maintenance. The InSight Evolution has a small footprint with integral printer to fit any size laboratory.

All usual profiles can be pre-defined i.e. GHP, pre-anaesthetic etc, however, profiles can also be defined to suit your requirements. ‘Special tests’ for small animals include: T4, Fructosamine, Bile Acids, Phenobarbitone and Urine Protein/Creatinine ratio. ‘Special tests’ for large animals include: SAA, IgG, Fibrinogen, BHB, GGT, GLDH, Magnesium, Triglycerides and NEFA.

The InSight Evolution is cost effective, provides accurate results and will integrate with Practice Management Systems.

Available as a low cost package including analyser, reagents and service, the InSight Evolution is ideally suited to Equine Practices.

The Quantum Solution includes as standard:

·         An All Inclusive Reagent, Support and Maintenance Package

·         Out of Hours Technical Support

·         Fixed Price for Five Years

·         Regular Preventative Maintenance Visits


The InSight Evolution is part of the Woodley/Quantum Complete Laboratory System which will integrate with Practice Management Systems.



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