Photizo Aided a Miraculous Recovery for Nemo an Irish Sports Horse

When Eventer, Abi Dean, re-homed an Irish sports Horse, named Nemo she couldn’t have imagined the journey to recovery that this brave horse would endure.


It’s a testament to the care and rehabilitation offered by Abi, her vet, Ali Mead, and of course to Nemo himself. During his rescue in 2012 he suffered a severe fall, malnourished Nemo made a full recovery from a severed hoof and split knees.

Most recently Nemo has undergone surgery for 3 procedures including full laryngeal tie-back, hobday and soft palate cauterisation. Abi is convinced that his extraordinary recovery was down to incorporating Photizo® Phototherapy into his rehabilitation.

Photizo® Vetcare harnesses the development in LED (light emitting diode) technology following the success of NASA LED research and published recommended does from WALT (World Association of Laser Therapy). It has been specifically developed with high output LEDs to ensure a fast delivery of an effective evidence based dose light / Phototherapy.

Photizo® Vetcare creates biological effects at a cellular level to stimulate the production of ATP, the cellular energy that is needed for healing and cellular regeneration.  Photizo® Vetcare increases the blood supply to the wound, reducing swelling and inflammation, helping with pain relief via the stimulation of endorphin and serotonin secretion.

Abi Dean commented: “I believe that Photizo rapidly improved the healing process after Nemo’s three procedures. Not only were the staples removed within the average time period, but the hobday open wound well-exceeded the rate of healing.

Despite being advised that the hobday would take anything up to 35 days from the date of surgery to heal, Nemo has been on 20mins of walking exercise since day 5 of Photizo treatment, only 14 days after his major surgery.

As soon as Nemo was receiving Photizo treatment there was a clear display in change of personality and appetite, he began to try to whinny, his general manner was improved looking more willing and happy, and he was maneuvering the neck more.

His appetite changed from one small bucket of hay 4 times per day to 8kg of hay 3 x per day fed in xxl bins at ground level.  He displayed no signs of pain or discomfort while eating from day 3.

The convenience of this pocket sized rechargeable treatment tool appeals with its capacity to treat a large surface area with LED diodes. Unlike a laser beam, which transfers coherent, or near coherent light, LED emits a non-coherent light, which has a greater cover area. Whilst laser light can pose a risk to the eyes and protective eyewear a regulatory requirement, with LED light sources, there’s no risk making its application much simpler and safer.


Most horses spend a minimum of 120 days on strict box rest after this surgery. Nemo was given the all clear by Ali Mead, FEI approved vet (Badminton Horse Trials) to go back into full work on day 36 following the scope, which is less than one third of the normal recovery time for this type of procedure.