New Daily Fibre from SPILLERS®

New Daily Fibre from SPILLERS® is a simple blend of the softest chopped fibres to help extend equine eating time, with maximum fibre goodness. It joins SPILLERS®’ comprehensive stable of high quality chopped fibres, which also includes new packaging for the horse owners’ favourite SPILLERS® Conditioning Fibre.


Most of your customers will already know that adding chopped fibre to their horse’s feed is good practice to help extend eating time and support overall gut health. Physically, 65% of the horse’s digestive system is devoted to the processing of it. Psychologically, the horse has evolved to forage and eat for approximately 16-18 hours of every day.

New SPILLERS® Daily Fibre is a simple and effective way to add fibre to their horse’s daily meals. The triple blend of chopped straw, pure alfalfa and grass nuts brings variety to the diet, while the softness of the fibre chop gives the horse better chewing and digestive comfort. It is the perfect accompaniment for a balancer or a compound feed to provide a healthy low starch and sugar, low calorie, high fibre diet.

SPILLERS® Conditioning Fibre has been given new packaging to sit seamlessly alongside the rest of the SPILLERS® iconic fibres range, which includes SPILLERS® Daily Fibre, SPILLERS® HAPPY HOOF®, SPILLLERS® HAPPY HOOF® Molasses Free and new SPILLERS® Alfalfa-Pro. It’s a favourite for horses needing extra help to support condition and coat shine, containing a palatable blend of soft-chopped fibres, with 10% oil for slow release energy. Enriched with a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals to provide more nutrition per scoop, it’s a fibre that works much harder than your average chaff.

Clare Barfoot RNutr, the research and development manager at SPILLERS® said: “Horses are herbivores and fibre is their daily essential. Without it they cannot survive. By adding SPILLERS® Daily Fibre to every feed your customers will not only support gut health but will also keep their horses busy for longer, helping to replicate natural eating behaviours.”


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