Innovative equine patch is a natural aid to mobility

Lintbells, maker of the popular joint supplement YUMOVE Horse Active Joint, has launched an innovative, natural patch to ease joint stiffness and support mobility in horses. YUMOVE Horse Active Joint Patch will act locally and faster than the supplement to help restore mobility – providing a beneficial effect within around 30 minutes and acting for up to 72 hours after patch removal.

Anna Prest, Lintbells Brand Manager, explains that the patch is ideal for competition and leisure horses alike, “The patch is ideal for everyday use, for those strains and knocks but also as a quick solution to ease joint stiffness. In line with Lintbells ethos, it’s completely natural – so there are no concerns about using it around competition time – and it’s made to the very highest standards.”


The patch uses unique and carefully sourced ingredients. It delivers VitaEase™, Lintbells’ proprietary blend of the world’s highest concentration Omega-3 Green Lipped Mussel, directly to the area where it is needed. VitaEase™ Green Lipped Mussel contains four times the amount of beneficial Omega-3s compared to standard Green Lipped Mussel preparations. It’s combined with a specific weight Hyaluronic Acid that delivers natural relief to the joint and Menthol to soothe and cool. A special enhancer enables absorption across the skin barrier to ensure the vital ingredients get to the area in contact with the patch quickly for on-the-spot relief.

Veterinary evaluation of the product has resulted in significant improvements being recorded within 24 hours of application, with sustained or improved effects after 48 hours. This makes it a great addition to the Lintbells equine range and a handy addition to any first aid or show-day kit. It’s simply applied using standard bandaging techniques.

Anna says it’s also how Lintbells treats the ingredients that makes the difference, “We take great care to ensure we use the freshest ingredients that are newly harvested, use cold vacuum extraction to preserve the delicate Omega oils and batch test constantly. I don’t know of any other supplements manufacturer that goes to the lengths that we do to ensure our supplements are absolutely top notch.”

The Omega based patch acts on the horse’s own biochemical pathways and so the patch can be used with confidence on high performance horses, without pulling out of competitions, as well as older or more vulnerable equines. YUMOVE Horse Active Joint supplement provides the same natural joint support longer term and the two products are complementary.

One happy horse owner explained how her horse benefited, “We used a patch when she first got back from the vets after he'd drained fluid out of the tendon sheath to help prevent fluid build-up. The amount of swelling and inflammation in her leg seemed to have really inhibited the healing process after her operation. After that, every time it seemed to get hot or a bit puffier we'd put a patch on for a couple of nights. The results, especially in the beginning, were astonishing. The leg would literally shrink overnight and be much cooler, if not cold.”

The patch is available now in saddlers, tack shops and Countrywide stores and trade orders can be made with the outlet’s usual wholesalers. For more information contact Lintbells on 01462 790886 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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