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Anyone for champagne? NuuMed adds a new colour to its collection

British saddlepad, numnah and accessories manufacturer, NuuMed, has added a new colour, champagne, to a number of its popular lines.

The new colour was introduced to the trade at this year’s BETA International and was met with a great response. The new colour will be available on the HiWither Everyday Saddlepad in GP and dressage cut, HiWither Half Wool Saddle Pad in dressage cut, HiWither Fishtail Dressage Saddlepads (with and without wool) and the Event Pad.

“We’re pleased to welcome this new colour to our collection,” says Rosie Pocock from NuuMed. “With riders having a much wider choice of colours to use in competitions, this colour is a little different. It is the perfect match for breeches and jodhpurs and looks very elegant in the dressage arena. It’s also a great choice for riding at home as it looks clean, fresh and professional.”

The champagne colour will join black, white and brown on the dressage saddlepads and a wider range of colours on the Event Pad and HiWither Everyday Saddlepad in both GP and dressage cut. 

To find out more, see or call 01458 210324.