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New Concentrated Probiotic Traveller Launched By Equimins

Equimins is delighted to welcome a new product to its Digestion range – a concentrated paste containing complex probiotics cultures, called Probiotic Traveller.

The product, which is presented in a handy oral syringe, provides fast acting support for intestinal balance. It’s easy to give the horse thanks to the feeding method, and can be used by foals and horses.

“Probiotic Traveller contains a high concentration of saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium,” says David Willey, Managing Director of Equimins. “It can be used when fast acting support is required, with our Inner Balancer Probiotics being used for general maintenance. It can be used during times of stress when the horse’s gut may require additional support, such as when travelling.”

Probiotic Traveller is provided in a 60ml syringe and should be given at a rate of 20ml for three consecutive days for foals, and 30ml for two consecutive days for horses. It has a RRP of £12.50.


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