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BHA recognises that equine endocrinology is a complex, relatively poorly researched, but fastgrowing field.

If your horse needs respiratory support this winter you can forget the puff and rely on the facts with new T.E.N. Challenged Lungs. It is a scientifically proven respiratory supplement and the formula is now better than ever. In response to requests from horse owners it is now available in a pelleted form rather than a powder and has an even higher specification of active ingredients.

We believe your customers shouldn’t have to compromise on quality, especially on the feeds they rely on every day. We have listened to what horse owners want and have responded to their needs with the introduction of our new SPILLERS® essentials range.

Equimins has the perfect solution for the horse who starts to lose condition during a long winter– Advance Concentrate Complete. This forage balancer with money back guarantee complements a fibre diet and, as an extra incentive, the best ‘before and after’ pictures will be featured on the company’s blog…with a prize for all horses who make the cut!

T.E.N. Daily Balancer has gone large and introduced a bigger tub size to feed demand. The new 3.6kg tub contains three months’ supply for one horse, making it easy and cost-effective to stock up on T.E.N’s definitive Daily Balancer.

The new innovative products EquidGel and now the new LamiGel are gaining momentum and proving to be an unstoppable force…

Equimins is delighted to welcome 23 new additions to its range of equine supplements – all of which fit in the Straight Herbs category.

Elanco Animal Health has launched Vulketan®, an innovative and veterinary only sterile topical gel specifically developed to encourage healing of equine wounds.

Delegates at this year’s Veterinary Cancer Society (VCS) Annual Conference in St Louis, USA, heard how Avacta Animal Health’s SENSITEST® canine Lymphoma Blood Test (cLBT) could aid remission monitoring.