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Valegro the world’s number one dressage horse that holds Olympic, European and World Cup titles has launched his own gold medal range of merchandise.

The most effective methods for controlling worms in horses continue to evolve as science brings us new research. The worming experts at Zoetis are keen to keep horse owners as up-to-date as possible. While faecal worm egg counts and selected treatment continue to be best practice during the summer, new information about large strongyles (also known as large redworms) is emerging.

A high fibre diet may help to keep your horse hydrated, for optimum performance in warmer weather, suggest the nutrition experts at WINERGY. Research indicates that horses fed a high fibre diet are less dehydrated after exercise than those fed a diet with limited forage. This is because fibre allows more fluid to be stored in the hindgut, providing an additional source of water and electrolytes.

Equimins is delighted to welcome a new product to its Digestion range – a concentrated paste containing complex probiotics cultures, called Probiotic Traveller.

As part of Boehringer Ingelheim’s hugely popular disease awareness initiative ‘Talk About Laminitis’ (TAL), the company has introduced a new interactive online aftercare service for owners of horses with PPID.

Hippocrates once stated that “Healing is a matter of time”. Generally wounds will heal given time and as veterinarians we hope that our intervention aids wound healing. This article details the investigation of non-healing wounds of the equine distal limb, their causes and their treatments.

Hyonate® (sodium hyaluronate), an established treatment of lameness in horses due to non-infectious inflammation of joints, joins Equioxx®, the first COX-2 specific NSAID for horses, in the Merial stable, providing vets with a choice of treatments for inflammation and joint disease.

Vet practices can now offer a complete service for effective worm control that’s designed to be used and accessed by clients directly through the practice website.

Vets prescribing the gastric ulcer treatment GastroGard® (omeprazole) now have a performance pack available for large yards, the new 14 tube pack as well as a single tube dispensing pack for preventive use. The new pack sizes are in addition to the existing range of packs, says Manufacturer Merial Animal Health.