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New Daily Fibre from SPILLERS® is a simple blend of the softest chopped fibres to help extend equine eating time, with maximum fibre goodness. It joins SPILLERS®’ comprehensive stable of high quality chopped fibres, which also includes new packaging for the horse owners’ favourite SPILLERS® Conditioning Fibre.

Eickemeyer Veterinary Equipment has launched the Equinosis Q™ with Lameness Locator® software, in UK. This is a body mounted inertial sensor system that is used to objectively detect and evaluate lameness in horses.

Written by Emma Hardy, PhD

Professor Derek Knottenbelt and his team at Glasgow Veterinary School are working hard to broaden our understanding of gastrointestinal health problems, particularly when originating from modern feeding and management for peak performance.

Chanelle have launched Chanazone® Apple Flavoured Granules, a generic Phenylbutazone powder for use in equine veterinary practices across the UK and Europe.

Lintbells, maker of the popular joint supplement YUMOVE Horse Active Joint, has launched an innovative, natural patch to ease joint stiffness and support mobility in horses. YUMOVE Horse Active Joint Patch will act locally and faster than the supplement to help restore mobility – providing a beneficial effect within around 30 minutes and acting for up to 72 hours after patch removal.

Anna Prest, Lintbells Brand Manager, explains that the patch is ideal for competition and leisure horses alike, “The patch is ideal for everyday use, for those strains and knocks but also as a quick solution to ease joint stiffness. In line with Lintbells ethos, it’s completely natural – so there are no concerns about using it around competition time – and it’s made to the very highest standards.”

Equimins is delighted to welcome the 100ml trial size Extra Strength Fly Repellent to its extensive Fly & Midge collection. 

Activo-Med state of the art therapy systems apply pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) and massage therapy to different areas of the horse’s body.

Wool has so many benefits when incorporated into a saddlepad or numnah, but some people can be a little concerned about its care. That’s the reason that British saddlepad and numnah manufacturer, NuuMed, created a video to explain how easy it is.

British saddlepad, numnah and accessories manufacturer, NuuMed, has added a new colour, champagne, to a number of its popular lines.