• 24 April 2013

BCF Technology unveils new Easi-Scan Smart Display

Imaging company BCF Technology has launched the new Easi-Scan Smart Display. The Easi-Scan Smart Display is an intelligent touch screen monitor that easily clips onto the Easi-Scan – BCF’s bovine ultrasound scanner.

The portable monitor is robust, which, like the Easi-Scan, makes it a great tool for large animal scanning. The Easi-Scan Smart Display, comes with an 8GB memory, and can be used to perform equine reproductive and first-pass musculoskeletal evaluations as well as bovine, ovine and porcine meat science applications.

In addition to all the Easi-Scan features, the Easi-Scan Smart Display comes with its own settings and applications. It has three callipers modes that can be used to make a variety of measurements. The Smart Display’s touch screen also enables you to trace tendon and ligament lesions and will calculate the percentage of affected area for you. 

BCF’s Russell Brown told VSM: “The Easi-Scan Smart Display is an intelligent touch screen monitor, which adds new features to your Easi-Scan. Its touch screen technology gives you the ability to perform measurements and calculations with ease. With three different calliper modes, making measurements easier than ever. The addition of trace tendon technology enables you to make fast calculations, aiding in your diagnosis time. You now have the ability to save a record of examinations performed on clinical patients for future review and comparison.”


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