• 02 April 2013

BCF introduces the new Uno Slate 3

Veterinary imaging company BCF Technology has unveiled the new Uno Slate 3, designed to make life as an Equine Ambulatory vet easier. 

According to the company with the removal of restrictive and possibly hazardous wires, the Uno Slate 3 simplifies the radiography function.

The hardware design allows for fast set up and easy pack away to cut down on your time in the stable. The Uno Slate 3 is the smallest and lightest in the industry and conveniently fits into a soft shell, alloy reinforced carry case.

The software features have been designed for speedy workflows. The touchscreen system allows you to easily navigate through the functions using swipe, pinch and zoom. You can easily change the algorithms to give your image the look you prefer.

The software enables multi-touch zoom, pan, window/level, rotate and flip right there in the stable.

The Uno Slate 3 was developed through market feedback. It is the next generation of DR, which has eliminated all the small annoyances of older generation systems. This includes the moveable glove-sized handle, which allows you to go from portrait to landscape to none; meaning you can have it in the place that makes sense for your view.

From a safety perspective, the system doesn’t have to be set up in the stable; you have 30 to 50ft exposure range, so you can be outside of the stable. You do not need to run the cable to run round the horse, causing trip hazards.

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