• 16 January 2013

Equine Severe Bleeding

Dechra Veterinary Products has released a new information leaflet on severe bleeding in horses to support equine veterinary professionals and their clients.

The two page leaflet details potential causes of severe bleeding and offers instructions in the use of a revolutionary product, Celox™ Veterinary, which it is claimed can stop heavy bleeding within three minutes. The new VetEq note is also available as a download on Dechra's – www.equinepainmatters.com – website, which veterinary professionals can refer owners to for information.

Emma Jennings, Dechra's Equine Brand Manager, said to VSM: "Vets know all too well the importance of stopping bleeding fast in horses, with wounds often needing immediate veterinary attention. Both the information leaflet and the product are available for practices to pass on to their clients who will be reassured that should their horse suffer an injury, they are equipped to give immediate first aid until their vet is on the scene."

Celox Veterinary is safe and cost-effective, and is available as a gauze or granules. It forms a gel-like clot within 30 seconds once mixed with blood. Dechra is encouraging practices to put a link from their own websites to www.equinepainmatters.com, which offers advice and guidance for owners on topics such as lameness, anaesthesia, sedation, euthanasia, the importance of microchipping, and wound management.


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