• 07 January 2013

Treatment for Small-Encysted Redworm

Pfizer Animal Health has developed an equine treatment for encysted small redworm — Equest Pramox — an oral gel wormer containing moxidectin and praziquantel.

It is the only combination wormer to control (with a single dose) roundworms, bots, all three species of tapeworm, and all stages of the harmful and potentially fatal encysted small redworm larvae.

Equest Pramox is presented in an easy-to-use syringe, and has a 13-week dosing interval. It is suggested that it is used in the spring and autumn, as control of tapeworm is recommended every six months whilst Equest is used in the summer and winter. Each Equest Pramox syringe contains 11.8g of gel, sufficient to treat a 575kg horse.


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