• 17 October 2012

Equine Products from Securo

SECUROS has introduced a new Equine product line, which includes a "Tie-Back" System that has been proven in Vet Surgery 34: 548-555, 2005 to "improve control of the degree of arytenoid cartilage abduction during laryngoplasty".

"Based off of the SECUROS Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair System for dogs, this system uses a larger SECUROS Tensioning Device. It also includes the precision SECUROS Crimping Device which is engineered for a calibrated crimp with our monofilament nylon suture and crimp clamps. The entire system works as a team just like our team at SECUROS!

The SECUROS Equine Crimping Device and Tensioning Device are under a lifetime warranty. The SECUROS Crimping System has been found to have many other uses in the equine field beyond the Laryngoplasty procedure. An article in Vet Surgery 34: 399 – 404, 2005 found "Effective rib fracture repair in neonatal foals can be achieved with the SECUROS Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair System." It has also been used in coxofemoral luxation of mini horses and luxation of the humerous.

SECUROS can satisfy your Internal Fixation implant and instrument needs from basic plates and screws to our complete plate and screw fixation kits. The SECUROS Line of Orthopedic Implants & Instrumentation are AO/ASIF compatible. Please call or view in our complete catalog the Internal Fixation Instrument section for a listing of all our orthopedic implants and instruments available.

SECUROS Transfixation pin is the best in external skeletal fixation that you can find for a positive profile pin. With its double trocar tip and tri-faced end it is a cut above the rest.

One of the newest products out in the equine surgical field is our Three in One Drill Bit. It is an orthopedic drill bit that begins as a 4.5mm tip then transitions to a 5.5mm tip, finished by a 6.2mm tip. There is no need to switch drill bits and wait for bone heat reduction. You can drill in one smooth process and not risk heat necropsies for your patient.


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