• 21 September 2012

NGD CollaVET Resorbable Collagen Implants

The New Generation Devices CollaVET™ Resorbable Collagen Implants have a multitude of uses, including, but not limited to, a carrier for drug delivery

(antibiotics, anesthetics, analgesics, platelet-rich plasma, BMP etc.), wound healing, tendon repair and haemostasis. CollaVet is soft, white to off-white, resorbable collagen matrix engineered from highly purified cross-linked Type-I collagen derived from bovine Achilles tendon. The thickness and pore structure of the device allow it to absorb fluid and blood at the defect site. Upon hydration and slight handling, the thickness of the 3mm and 1mm porous matrices will reduce to about 0.6mm. CollaVet will resorb in one to eight weeks depending upon vascularity.


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