• 21 September 2012

New CR Scanner

The FireCR Veterinary CR Scanner is a durable, highly versatile system designed to efficiently handle the unique needs of today's veterinary practices.

It is available in several models, which can be upgraded in the field to meet changing needs: FireCR Vet – 80 CR Scanner— for equine and complete with purpose built mobile transport case; FireCR Vet – 60 CR Scanner—for veterinary hospitals and busy clinics (high resolution Images in under a minute); FireCR Vet – 40 CR Scanner—for small-animal veterinary clinics; and FireCR Vet – 20 CR Scanner—for lower-volume small animal veterinary clinics

The FireCR Veterinary CR Scanner reader provides fast return on investment by delivering high-quality image processing, improved productivity, and the elimination of film processing costs — at an affordable price. All the benefits of digital imaging at less than £8 a day. Can you really afford to be still using conventional film or your old out dated CR system?

The FireCR Veterinary CR Scanner is based on state-of-the-art and pioneering technology that increases productivity with an unparalleled 70-plate-per-hour throughput. It provides crisp, clear and optimized images ready in record time for viewing, enhancement, duplication, or archiving

The compact, lightweight FireCR Veterinary CR Scanner is designed to fit into any clinical environment. At just 65 pounds and five inches deep, it is significantly smaller than other CR readers on the market. The portable FireCR Veterinary CR Scanner can be rolled out of the way when not in use and can be quickly moved directly to the animal when needed—and even transported for off-site imaging.


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