• 21 September 2012

New Huger Full Screen Equine & Small Animal Video Endoscopy Systems

Although new to the market our Huger video endoscopy range has already proven a winner for The Liphook Equine Hospital Hampshire, Milton Equine Dorset, Meadow Equine Gloucestershire, Mullacott (Charter) Equine Hospital Devon, Lambourne (Ridgeway) Vets, Wrexham Equine Care,,Oakham Equine Leicestershire, Vet Health Centre Chepstow, Hird & Parttners, and many more practices around the UK.

This is brand new medical grade endoscopy equipment guaranteed 12 months. The system is so light and rugged we recommend it for portable use. The built in 10" monitor means that you only have to connect power and an endoscope to get working immediately. We can supply a water resistant black plastic case to house the entire processor/light source. This has wheels and handles to make transporting a breeze. There are several recording options, including portable DVD and media recorders at great prices.

We will custom build a system to meet your specific needs. Please allow 30 days for delivery.


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