• 16 June 2017

US Technician Has Built an Equine CT Table

A US veterinary technician, Jason Peters, has developed a new, state-of-the-art CT table for large animal patients, to allow veterinarians to overcome difficulties scanning equines.

Performing a CT scan on a horse previously would have required a team of nearly a dozen technicians and veterinary surgeons, as well as the addition of forklifts and cranes.

The previous CT table at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine had been in use for three decades, but when they began looking for a new large animal table, it became apparent that they could not purchase a pre-built table due to the room configuration.

After discussing materials that could be used for the project, the team settled on carbon fibre - a new-age material that can be folded to take any shape and strength.

Carbon Fibre is used in many applications within NASA’s space program, due to its strength-to-weight ratio, high stiffness, chemical resistance and temperature tolerance. However, moulding the material correctly is crucial for ensuring its strength.

Mr Peters worked with a carbon fibre manufacturer that specialises in automotive parts, using plans developed with the UC Davis College of Engineering.


They created a table that weighs just 100lb, but is able to take up to 10,000lb in any area, whereas the old table weighs nearly twice as much and is not nearly as strong, according to the university.

As well as the table they have also added the ability for the horse to remain stationary as the new table can be moved into position if, for example, the horse needs its front and hind legs scanned. In the past technicians would have had to physically reposition the horse in order to take the scans.

Extension plates have also been made to provide an extra surface for anatomy that does not fit on the main table.