• 01 February 2017

Three Neglected Horses Found by RSPCA, Man to Stand Trial

A man from Somerset who was charged with animal cruelty after three horses were found having allegedly neglected and malnourished by the RSPCA has appeared in court.


Neil Harper, 38, was brought before Somerset Magistrates facing three separate allegations of causing unnecessary suffering, said to have been committed last summer.

He was charged with; failing to investigate and address the cause of the poor bodily condition and weight loss of a grey gelding and chestnut mare, and failing to ensure that a chestnut colt received adequate nutrition.

He was first charged between June 28 and July 28 last year.


Mr Harper pleaded not guilty to all the offences, and after a review of the case it was adjourned until May 31, when he must return to the court at Yeovil to stand trial again.