• 16 September 2016

New From Virbac – Inflacam Granules The Only Meloxicam Granules On The Market

Reduce inflammation with confidence and convenience with Inflacam Granules, the new meloxicam presentation for horses. This potent anti-inflammatory product alleviates inflammation and relieves pain in both acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders.

Meloxicam is an effective easy-to-use NSAID for horses that is a more preferential COX- 2 inhibitor than 3 other NSAIDS currently used in horses. The excellent bioavailability is not influenced by feeding and there is rapid elimination and no accumulation. 

Inflacam Granules are small apple-flavoured granules that are easy to mix with feed. Given orally once daily, this simple dosing helps improve prescription compliance and means that inflammation can be reduced with confidence and convenience; early oral treatment with meloxicam reduces clinical signs and joint inflammation in acute synovitis.

In trials Inflacam Granules showed good safety and excellent tolerance, with no adverse effects. Preferential COX-2 inhibitors such as meloxicam have a lesser effect on gastric mucosal integrity than other non-selective COX inhibitors. 

Inflacam Granules are available in boxes of 100 sachets, each containing 330mg meloxicam.


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