• 07 June 2016

Make your yard a no-fly zone!

Sentomol has recently added an outdoor fly bag, the Flyzone XL Fly Trap, to its range.

This simple but incredibly effective trap has been designed to catch nuisance and filth flies such as house flies, bottle flies, face flies and more. The trap uses a bait to lure flies over but, after entering the trap through the yellow top, they find themselves unable to escape and then drown in the water.

“The Flyzone XL Fly Trap can be installed in any outside area where nuisance flies are a problem, so it’s perfect for stable yards,” said David Loughlin from Sentomol. “As with our other traps, it uses the flies’ natural instincts against them and then traps them when they’ve been lured over by the bait, in this case an attractant made from food ingredients and flavourings. The bag also holds the dead flies – actually, it’ll hold up to 10,000 before it needs to be changed.”

The trap is supplied in component pieces ready to be assembled at home. The attractant needs to be mixed with water to activate it, and then needs to be placed in direct sunlight. The Flyzone XL Fly Trap has been designed in such a way to avoid direct contact with the bait or dead flies. It can be disposed of easily after being used for up to 12 weeks.