• 29 October 2015

Veterinary nurse goes for gold with Dechra

A veterinary nurse experienced her own ‘golden moment’ after netting the top prize at the launch of Dechra’s next generation antibiotic wound spray in Northern Ireland.

Beverley Smith, who is Head Nurse at Cromlyn House Vet Hospital in County Down, won a 5g gold bar in a competition at Dechra’s stand at the AVSPNI (Association of Veterinary Surgeons Practising in Northern Ireland) conference.

Beverley won the bar worth more than £100 in a simple scratch card game to find three golden cans of TAF Spray®. The competition was held to highlight the unique benefits of the wound spray, which is the only product of its kind on the market that is licensed for use on horses.

Dechra Brand Manager Emma Jennings said: “We were really pleased to unveil TAF Spray® to the Northern Ireland market and our stand was very busy with delegates wanting to find out more about how it could complement their existing treatment methods.

“Its golden yellow, turmeric-based, colouring allows treatment areas to be clearly distinguished and with a 360-degree spray users can target wounds at any angle, making it a big asset to those working in the field.”

TAF Spray® comes in a 150 ml can and can be used for superficial wound infections in horses, cattle, goats, sheep and pigs. It can also be used to treat infections of the claw and hoof in cattle, goats and sheep such as foot rot, interdigital dermatitis and digital dermatitis.

TAF Spray® has a zero day meat withdrawal period for horses, cattle, goats, sheep, and 14 days for pigs.

For more information about Dechra’s antibiotic portfolio and other products, visit www.dechra.co.uk