• 15 April 2015

NEF introduces Honorary Fellows

The National Equine Forum (NEF) has introduced the position of Honorary Fellow to its organisation, in recognition of those who have made an important contribution to the event over the years. The new title was bestowed upon nine past and retiring members at this year’s NEF, held in March 2015.

The National Equine Forum is an annual event bringing together representatives from all echelons of the equestrian industry, including government, equestrian sport, veterinary science and welfare. It has been running for 23 years and is organised by a committee of appointed volunteers, reflecting various sectors of the equestrian industry. The introduction of Honorary Fellow is a way of showing appreciation to those who have worked so hard to make the event the great success it is today.

The first recipients of the new title are past Conveners Professor Graham Suggett who was a part of the working party that founded the Forum and Air Commodore Miles Williamson-Noble, former Vice Chair Richard Matson, former Treasurer and Honorary Secretary Lt Col Gordon Wesley, former Joint Secretary Pauline Harris and former committee members Peter Clarke, Dr Harry Greenway, Rosemary Philipson-Stow and Antony Wakeham. As Honorary Fellows they will be entitled to attend the Forum each year, provide an informed but independent overview of NEF plans and progress and bring both wisdom and knowledge of precedent to the Organising Committee’s work.

Tim Brigstocke, chairman of NEF said: “The committee was unanimous in its decision to acknowledge the endeavours of past and retiring members, without whom the National Equine Forum would not have become the immensely popular and highly regarded event it is today.”

The full proceedings of the 2015 Forum will be available for download shortly at www.bef.co.uk on the National Equine Forum page. The 2016 National Equine Forum will be held on Thursday 3rd March at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Westminster, London.


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