• 12 December 2014

Boosting Business With ProActive Insight

A benchmarking tool designed specifically for equine practices looking to manage or reduce operating costs is helping equine practices optimise opportunities for business growth and improvement.

ProActive Insight identifies and compares Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), building a detailed picture of the practice’s current activities and compares this with other practices within the ProActive group.

This unique equine business tool, launched in January 2014, helps practices to identify areas where other practices may be operating at a higher profitability or efficiency and prioritise opportunities to expand and improve the levels of service, whilst adding value to the business says Louise Radford MRCVS of the service provider, Merial Animal Health.

Data reports include the number of visits per full time equivalent (FTE) vet; the number of horses seen per FTE vet; the value of invoiced transactions by FTE vet, the average transaction value per case as well as the number and the fee for certain key activities such as dentals, vettings and vaccinations.

“Benchmarking can help provide baseline and comparative data to help identify performance gaps, and ways to bridge them. The data capture process and delivery is relatively straightforward and compatible with most software systems. It is handled by a 3rd party, Veterinary Insights Ltd, and is totally anonymous and confidential.

“Most importantly, ProActive Insight can define the roadmap for successful improvements, enabling equine practices to turn competitive knowledge into a competitive advantage and the ability to adapt to changes in the veterinary world,” Louise.

ProActive Insight is complementary for users of ProteqFlu vaccines as part of ProActive business service, but available to all, at a small monthly fee.


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