• 04 September 2014

Improving hoof quality with Nettex

Changing weather conditions and the stresses and strains of modern day life can take their toll on horses’ feet, which is why Nettex wants to help horse owners to keep their horses’ hooves in the best of health. Biotin + is a trusted feed supplement that provides 50mg of Biotin per feed, as well as a number of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Nettex Biotin + aids the formation and strength of the protein Keratin, which makes up most of the hoof wall, helping to keep hooves strong and healthy and more able to cope with the demands of exercise. Easily absorbed into the blood stream, Biotin + is highly effective and takes the worry out of what to feed to keep hooves in top condition when fed on a regular basis.

New hoof growth takes between 8 to 9 months before cracks, splits and weaknesses start to grow out. Biotin + has added vitamins, minerals and nutrients that play a big part in hoof health. Methionine helps to give the hoof wall sturdiness and resiliency, zinc and manganese are vital for sustaining healthy skin, hair, cartilage, bone and hooves, lysine aids energy metabolism, helping horseS to gain maximum benefit from food, vitamins A and D3 help with general health and tissue formation and MSM is an essential component of connective tissue to help  prevent the onset of laminitis.

Nettex knows that healthy hooves are a result of what goes into the horse as well as what’s on the outside and that’s where Biotin + plays a vital part in helping to keep hooves strong and healthy all year round. Part of the Nettex Hoof Care range.

To watch an exclusive interview with Francis Whittington on why he uses Biotin + follow the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g9KNTMckEM 

RRP: £14.50 for 1kg, £36.99 for 3kg


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