• 19 November 2015

ISAMP welcomes Dr. Tony Nevin to its conference programme

The International Symposium in Animal Musculoskeletal Practice (ISAMP) is delighted to welcome Dr. Tony Nevin to its list of highly respect industry speakers, who will be speaking at the conference held on 28th-30th November 2014.

Dr. Tony Nevin is a world renowned animal osteopath who works with dogs and horses as well as exotic animals, such as elephants, rhinos and birds of prey. Not only is he involved with these animals from an osteopathy point of view, but also their protection and rehabilitation. During ISAMP, he will be presenting his research: ‘The osteopathic treatment of somatic dysfunction causing gait abnormality in 51 horses’, to the animal health professionals attending.

“We are very pleased that Tony could spare some time out of his very busy practice to come and present his research at the Symposium,” says Dr. Gail Williams, ISAMP Chair. “His findings will be of great interest to the delegates, and really complement the other topics being provided by our keynote and other professional speakers.”

ISAMP’s inaugural event will take place at the University of Warwick on 28th-30th November. It’s a must-attend conference for animal health professionals, such as veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, and all associated animal healthcare professionals such a physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and massage therapists. In addition, ISAMP will be fundraising for the Cinnamon Trust, a charity that cares for the elderly, terminally ill and their pets. The raffle to raise funds has a range of exceptional prizes including a new Wintec Saddle, a Fairfax Performance Girth and more.


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