• 21 July 2014

Saracen Introduce Aroma to Re-Leve

Saracen Horse Feeds are delighted to announce the innovative addition of a blackcurrant aroma to popular cereal-free, low-starch performance feed RE-LEVE®.

RE-LEVE® was formulated to supply energy (calories) through “Super-fibre” ingredients and oil, reducing the reliance on cereals to support optimum performance and a manageable temperament. The ration provides the energy for work and to support optimum body condition for horses that are intolerant to high starch diets such as those who have suffered or suffer from gastric ulcers, tying up or have excitable temperaments.

It was identified that some horses were taking a while to become accustomed to switching from cereal based rations onto RE-LEVE®, so Saracen Horse Feeds identified a way to bridge this gap for customers looking for a cereal free ration.

Senior Nutritionist and Associate Director at Saracen Horse Feeds, Lizzie Drury MSc RNutr, conducted extensive palatability trials with horses ranging in work load, body condition, environment and previous palatability issues with RE-LEVE®.

The feed trials have shown that:

• Horses that were new to RE-LEVE® showed no hesitation in eating the feed and continued eating until the meal was finished even licking the bowl for sometime after the meal was finished.

• Horses who had a history of being fussy with concentrate feeds resulting in frequent changing of their rations and difficulty in maintaining their body condition, “tucked” into the flavoured RE-LEVE® and continued to eat and clean up from the start of the trial onwards. 

• In all the horses, feed intake was also seen to be increased which resulted in optimum body condition and performance.

RE-LEVE® was designed for horses prone to muscle myopathies, but is suitable in a vast range of scenarios.

It is most suitable for:

• Performance horses intolerant to high starch/cereal based diets

• Horses of a nervous disposition, to support a more even and trainable temperament

• Horses that are prone to tying up

• Horses requiring a low starch diet due to ulcers

• Fussy horses and ponies

• Sick or convalescing horses where appetite is suppressed

• Horses and ponies that are on long standing medication


Saracen RE-LEVE® RRP approximately: £14.22 20kg bag

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