• 27 June 2014

EquiSal: the revolutionary saliva test to diagnose horse tapeworm burdens

Austin Davis Biologics Ltd has launched a new diagnostic service to detect tapeworm burdens in horses – the EquiSal Tapeworm Test.

Horse owners face a dilemma - tapeworm is an ever-present threat to health, yet resistance to worm control drugs makes routine worming unsustainable. The solution is to medicate only when needed, but that depends on reliable detection of tapeworm burdens.

EquiSal Tapeworm Test is a simple-to-use horse saliva test for detecting harmful tapeworm infections in horses. For the first time, it meets the need for a user-friendly tapeworm test, in which horse owners themselves are able to collect the sample. A specially designed saliva collection device is supplied and the sample is then posted to the laboratory for processing. The test has high sensitivity and specificity when validated against the gold-standard, visual identification of tapeworm at post-mortem. Testing for tapeworm is essential for responsible worming programmes - routine testing, not routine worming!

Austin Davis Biologics Ltd (ADB) is a science-based company founded in 2009 by daughter and father, Dr Corrine Austin and Professor Paul Davis (an inventor of Clear Blue one step pregnancy test). It is a small, fast-moving company that delivers scientific innovations and technology across a wide range of sectors, from detailed consultancy and patent support (including expert witness contributions), to R&D programmes focussed on equine health. EquiSal Tapeworm is the first product from this R&D programme to reach the market. An equivalent blood test for tapeworm in horses has also been developed and other equine health products are also in development, including diagnostics for complex equine wounds and diagnostics for other parasites.

The vision of ADB is to bring high quality, rigorous scientific research to bear on horse health and performance. The objective is to make highly effective new products available to horses and their owners at affordable prices, thereby improving the quality of life for horses and enhancing the enjoyment of horse ownership and horse care for owners and professionals.


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