• 28 May 2014

Pre-purchase examinations talks at BEVA Scottish regional Meeting

Curar was delighted to attend this April’s BEVA Scottish Regional Meeting focused on equine pre-purchase examination.

Malcolm Morley from the Stable Close Equine practice opened the evening with a talk about the common pitfalls experienced with PPE and suggested practical ways to manage the risks involved. Andrew McDiarmid from the Clyde Vet Group then presented on diagnostic tools within the vetting process.

The talks sparked several discussions on different aspects of PPE; including the role of imaging. It seems purchasers and sellers need to be aware that x-rays and images can in some situations be as problematic as they are reassuring! However, the main message was that by clearly communicating reasonable expectations for the buyer, seller and vet, it should be possible to avoid some of the more common mistakes.

This is the first in a series of regional BEVA meetings that Curar Animal Therapeutics Ltd has sponsored, and provided them with a great opportunity to meet equine vets and talk about the role of Sonivet in the rehabilitation of fractures, tendon and ligament injuries in horses.

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