• 03 March 2014

Horse Dialog: New Equine App for veterinary practices

HorseDialog, a new horse healthcare and management app, has been launched for veterinary practices. Practices can use their own branding on the app, and market it to clients as a highly efficient way of managing all aspects of their horse’s health.

The app, developed by leading animal health company Zoetis, has been developed following the success of Zoetis’ 2012 app Stable Mate. HorseDialog, into which the vet practice’s details and branding can be inserted, can be downloaded by clients from the Apple app store , using the unique practice ID code. Users can use it to manage their horse’s veterinary care, including worm control, vaccinations, dentistry and farriery.

Over time, HorseDialog will build a history of the horse’s management, including feeding and fitness. It can also be used to track periods of illness, injury and subsequent rehabilitation. This detailed log of information can help both vet and owner make decisions on future healthcare and management.

“HorseDialog is proving very popular with our clients,” says Andy Hayes, partner at Towcester Vets in Northamptonshire. “They love the fact that they can keep all their horse’s important details in one place, while we are impressed not only with the practical benefits but also with the exclusive practice branding which is excellent for building client loyalty.” HorseDialog is currently available for iPhone only.


w. www.zoetis.co.uk

t. +44 (0)845 300 8034