• 19 February 2014

Sogeval joins veterinary firm Ceva Sante Animale

Sogeval joins veterinary firm Ceva Santé Animale, with a view to creating a new world leader in veterinary pharmacy.

In December 2013, Sofiprotéol and Ceva finalised an agreement for the takeover of Sogeval by the Libourne-based Group. Sogeval becomes a subsidiary of Ceva Santé Animale, thereby consolidating the worldwide market presence of the new Group. Under the agreement signed between the parties, Sogeval’s Biosecurity and Nutrition business will remain in the Sofiprotéol Group which intends to step up its activities in this area. International development of this business will be handled partly through the Ceva Group’s worldwide network, and Ceva and Sogeval will pool their respective distribution networks and subsidiaries to boost positions on all their markets.

The takeover sees the common interests of both groups combining to provide a force to be reckoned with, particularly in the “Companion Animals” sector, where the specific know-how from both companies; antibiotherapy and dermatology at Sogeval, and antiparasitics and animal behaviour for Ceva will be combined with their combined expertise in segments such as cardiology or pain management. Livestock Production is another focus area, with both companies pooling their resources in antibiotherapy, vaccines and products for the control of reproduction in livestock. 

In order to maintain continuity in the management structure, José Daoudal, currently Sogeval CEO, will remain Deputy Managing Director of the Animal Division at Sofiprotéol and Chairman of Sogeval within the Ceva Group. One of his missions will be to foster partnerships between Sofiprotéol and Ceva, in particular in Research & Development and ensure the proper integration of Sogeval within the group.

The companies’ close complementarity and shared values have considerably facilitated relations between their teams, meaning that they will be operational and in fighting order right from the start of 2014, at the service of their clients. 


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