• 07 February 2014

New DEFRA standards introduced for equine passports

Pet ID Equine has issued a reminder to vets and horse owners that, as of 1st February, new operating standards for Passport Issuing Offices will be introduced, together with advice and guidance on enforcement.

Defra will require ALL Passport Issuing Offices to report any breaches of the legislation in the following circumstances, to Trading Standards, who, in turn, will decide if any action is to be taken against offenders.

1) Where a passport is applied for outside of the statutory time limit. This limit is within 6 months of birth, or before 31st December in the year of birth - whichever is the later. The exceptions to this are rescued equines, and those who have been purchased without a passport.

2) Where a passport is applied for when one is already in existence.

3) Where a new owner fails to update details within 30 days. This applies regardless of how long the person was in the possession of the equine.

4) Where an owner fails to return a passport for updating, when they have been notified that it does not meet the current legal requirements.

5) Where there are signs of unofficial changes to the passport, tampering or fraud.

Debbie Elkins from PetID Equine comments “We cannot express strongly enough how important it is that horse passports are up to date. We urge horse owners with a PetID Equine passport which needs updating to send it to us as soon as possible, in order that they comply with the upcoming regulations”.

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