• 04 February 2014

Happy Birthday to Veterinary Thermal Imaging!

Veterinary Thermal Imaging is a company that offers non-invasive diagnostics to owners, working in partnership with vets, chiropractors, farriers, trainers and a raft of professionals within the industry.

Thermal imaging maps heat patterns across an animal's body, using completely mobile infrared cameras, and can be used not only to assist in diagnosis of current problems, but also to manage and monitor the success of ongoing treatment. It can even be utilised in rider training and saddle fitting, with no stress to the horse, or need for sedation.

Since its inception, four years ago next month, the company has grown and developed into a truly nationwide service, with a highly experienced team of thermographers using state-of-the-art cameras.

VTI is an affordable diagnostic tool, with prices for a scan starting at just £30, plus travel.

Founder, and Managing Director, Helen Morrell, is justifiably proud of her company's achievements, and the success the team has had, helping a multitude of clients.

"Our thermographers have captured tens, if not hundreds of thousands of images, over the last four years, helping thousands of horses, dogs and other animals. As we are coming up to our fourth birthday, I thought it would be fun to see how many images I have reviewed for clients, and it's a whopping 29,400!"

Considering it takes five minutes, on average, to tune and review an image, Helen has spent an amazing 147,000 minutes, or, if you prefer, almost 2500 hours, looking at thermal images!


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