• 10 December 2013

Culinary Excellence from the Veterinary Wound Library!

A bit of light-hearted Halloween fun on the Veterinary Wound Library Facebook page saw vets and nurses battle for supremacy …in the kitchen!

The “Cake-off” competition was an educational process, so worthy of CPD points!. Contestants were challenged to make a cake that demonstrated their most (or least) favourite wound challenge, using every feature of healing that they could recreate - inflammation, slough, blood, exudate, foreign body, name it! The only rule – it all had to be edible.

Much to our disappointment, no equine wounds featured in the winning line up, and the eventual winners were both from small animal practices, who received one years membership of the Veterinary Wound Library. 

Georgie Hollis, from the Veterinary Wound Library (and creator of the cannon injury cake) was delighted with the enthusiasm (and the latent culinary talent) displayed by participants, and has pledged to run the competition again next year. Equine vets and nurses are urged to start practicing now! We will not be beaten by the small animal sector!