• 30 September 2013

BEVA Awards reward veterinary excellence

BEVA has recognised the outstanding veterinary achievements of eight exceptional equine vets at this year’s prestigious BEVA Awards. The Awards were formally presented at the BEVA Congress on Thursday 12 September 2013.

The BEVA Awards, of which there are seven categories, were established by BEVA, in conjunction with various sponsors, to reflect BEVA’s recognition of and support for significant accomplishments by BEVA members. 

The BEVA Equine Welfare Award, sponsored by Blue Cross, was presented to Professor AM “Mac” Johnston in recognition of his long-term dedication to the provision of advice and guidance for local people and vets in the Scottish Highlands. This in turn has had an important bearing on the improvement of the welfare of horses in the region.

Mac Johnston is well known to many vets. He was a lecturer in equine medicine at the RVC and is a widely published author. Subsequently he became a renowned authority in public health. Although living in the Scottish Highlands and commuting to the RVC Mac provided much needed 'expert' help for local people and vets. Since retiring from the RVC he has worked in the community mentoring younger vets and dealing with awkward cases and clients.

The BEVA Richard Hartley Clinical Award was presented to Dr Alan Nixon of Cornell University, College of Veterinary Science, US for his research on subchondral cysts. His paper “Treatment of subchondral cystic lesions of the medial femoral condyle of mature horses with growth factor enhanced chondrocyte grafts: A retrospective study of 49 cases” was produced in conjunction with K F Ortved, H O Monhammed and L A Fortier and was published in September 2012, Volume 44 of Equine Veterinary Journal. The award is given in memory of Richard Hartley, a founder member of BEVA and president from 1974 to 1975. It is awarded for evidence-based papers and the prize is intended to support travel of the senior author and/or co-authors. Dr Nixon flew in for the day to collect his award.

The BEVA Trust Peter Rossdale Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ) Open Award was presented to co-authors Benjamin Jacklin (RVC) and Ian Wright (Newmarket Equine Hospital) for their paper “Incidence and frequency distributions of 174 fractures of the distal condyles of the third metacarpal and metatarsal bones in 167 thoroughbred racehorses (1999 - 2009)”, which was published in November 2012, Volume 44, of Equine Veterinary Journal. This award is given for the paper that best achieves the EVJ’s mission to publish articles which either influence and improve clinical practice and/or add significantly to the scientific knowledge that underpins and supports equine veterinary medicine. The award is made by the BEVA Trust in recognition of Peter Rossdale’s immense contribution to BEVA and EVJ.

The BEVA Trust Queen Mother Award was won by Adele Williams (University of Manchester) who reported on her visit to SPANA in Mali, West Africa during January 2012. The award is given for the best travel report by a recipient of the Queen Mother Student Travel Award, which Adele was granted in 2012. 

The Voorjaarsdagen and BEVA Award was presented to Nicky Van Der Vekens of the University of Ghent for her paper “Atrial natriuretic peptides detect cardiac dilatation”. This was first presented at the Voorjaarsdagen Congress in April 2013.

The BEVA Trust / FVE Equine Transport Enforcement Award was given to Graham Capper, Senior Enforcement Officer for Wrexham Trading Standards. This Award was introduced in 2010, in recognition of the individual or group working in the field, doing the most to improve enforcement of the current transport Regulation. 

Through his roles as Senior Enforcement Officer for Wrexham Trading Standards and the National Lead for LACORS, Graham initiated and ran targeted multi-agency enforcement checks to tackle long-distance transport of Equidae in Europe. In addition he worked to bring together the different agencies involved and developed standard operating procedures. 

Graham has also been proactive in working to improve enforcement across the UK by raising awareness through publicising the problems he and his team have encountered and by facilitating improved communication and information exchange. 

The Sam Hignett Award will be presented for the best clinical research presentation from general equine practice at BEVA Congress, with the winner to be announced after Congress.


For further information on the BEVA Awards visit www.beva.org.uk.