• 22 May 2013

Cardell MAX-12 Multiparameter Monitor

The Cardell MAX-12 HD contains the world leading Cardell veterinary blood pressure technology,Nellcor’s all-digital Oximax pulse oximetry, and Oridion’s Microstream CO2 technology.

These are complemented by a diagnostic quality ECG, respiration via CO2 and temperature.

The MAX-12 HD is flexible in that you can choose the monitor with or without invasive blood pressure and multigas monitoring. Most parameters have custom algorithms developed especially for veterinarians. The 12.1” colour display is high definition and can be viewed from an extremely wide angle. And up to eight waveforms can be viewed at one time, including four ECG waveforms.

The monitor stores 120-hours of graphic and tabular trend information including a 12-minute ECG wave-form you can review. An esophageal ECG is also available (free during introduction).

A port is available for downloading graphical trends and numerical data to your PC, or for creating a central monitoring system. And there’s a video output connection for displaying the data on a larger monitor.

The menu is extra user-friendly with monitor and patient settings easily changed.