• 23 May 2013

Equine infection control

Every horse owner will experience the many traumas and injuries that horses pick up through being in the stable, in the field or while being ridden.

Wounds, soft tissue injuries and infections are part and parcel of keeping a horse, so a good first aid kit is an essential part of any stable yard and a good anti-bacterial spray a crucial part of it.

As our understanding of how horse’s bodies work advances, so do the products that we can use to treat them. 

In recent years hypochlorous acid, a substance that occurs as part of the immune system’s response to trauma, has been synthesised and stabilised in the form of Hypocare, a stable anti-bacterial spray that mirrors the body’s immune system.

Working naturally with the body, leading Equine suppliers Horseware’s Hypocare rapidly destroys the DNA and RNA of pathogens associated with bacterial, viral and fungal infections and it can be used to clean and flush wounds, sweetitch, ringworm, mud fever and thrush.

Hypocare is up to 300 times more effective at destroying pathogens than bleach and yet is kind to healthy tissue and has a naturally non-sensitising skin neutral pH. It’s safe to use on any mammal and is safe if ingested, so you don’t need to worry about them licking the affected area. Because it doesn’t sting it’s perfect for sensitive, nervous or young animals.


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