A big-hearted former Blue Cross pony, who was part of a herd used for vaccine research in a former life, is now helping hundreds of unwell and disabled children.

Rebecca Howsam, who has a degree in Equestrian Psychology and Sports Science, has won the first scholarship to be awarded by the Saddle Research Trust (SRT).

BOVA UK, the first veterinary sterile specials facility of its kind in the UK, has appointed two Sales Managers.

A US veterinary technician, Jason Peters, has developed a new, state-of-the-art CT table for large animal patients, to allow veterinarians to overcome difficulties scanning equines.

Blue Cross has been actively participating in a series of horse health and castration clinics around the UK.

The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) has issued a heartfelt thank you to Veterinary and Veterinary Nurse members who have volunteered their time and expertise over the past 12 months, in support of the BEVA Trust’s new focus. BEVA also wishes to thank its Council members and BEVA Congress speakers, all of whom are volunteers.

A ‘test tube’ foal has been born in Belgium using two techniques - vitrification and ICSI.

Chanelle Vet UK was proud to sponsor world renowned veterinary practice Liphook Equine Hospital’s client evening.

The Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch based in Hyde Park lined up to take part in the leading national survey on equine health.