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Equine Charities Form Coalition

Equine Charities Form Coalitio…

Mar 21, 2017 / Industry

They say the move will enable them to share expertise, but that it is not a precursor to a merger. ...

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Fire And Rescue Pioneer Receives NEF Award

Fire And Rescue Pioneer Receiv…

Mar 20, 2017 / Industry

Jim Green, pioneer of equine emergency rescue methodology and training was announced as the winner of the Sir Colin Spedding Award at this year’s National Equine Forum (NEF), Thursday 2nd March 2017.

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Respondents sought for National Equine Survey

Respondents sought for Nationa…

Mar 15, 2017 / Industry

Giving just five minutes of your time to participate in the National Equine Health Survey (NEHS) will help make a lifetime of difference to horses.

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RSPCA Worried as Incidents Involving Horses Rises

RSPCA Worried as Incidents Inv…

Mar 03, 2017 / Industry

The RSPCA has revealed concern about the increasing number of horses who have been neglected and ‘dumped to die’ in Kent this winter. ...

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RSPCA on the Rescue for a… Plastic Pony

RSPCA on the Rescue for a… Pla…

Feb 28, 2017 / Industry

RSPCA officers were called to investigate claims a horse had been tied to the back of a trailer by it’s legs - only to find she was made of plastic! ...

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SPILLERS® Appoints New Regional Sales Manager

SPILLERS® Appoints New Regiona…

Feb 24, 2017 / Industry

SPILLERS® has appointed Amy Rogers as Regional Sales Manager for the South West. ...

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Products & Services

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Martin Collins Setting the Winning Standard at Keysoe

Martin Collins Setting the Win…

Feb 22, 2017 / Products & Services

Leading competition venue Keysoe Equestrian Centre and Martin Collins Enterprises are delighted to announce their partnership for the forthcoming competition seasons. Martin Collins Enterprises are now the official surface supplier for Keysoe. ...

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Supporting Gastrointestinal Tract Health in the Horse - Emma Hardy, PhD

Supporting Gastrointestinal Tr…

Feb 21, 2017 / Products & Services

Maintaining the health of the equine digestive system can be a challenge for veterinary professionals and their clients, particularly given the stress of modern care, feeding and performance.

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Nettex Launch V.I.P.® Range

Nettex Launch V.I.P.® Range

Feb 20, 2017 / Products & Services

Nettex is launching its new, vet approved V.I.P.® supplement range in Spring 2017.

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SPILLERS® Reveals Most Frequent Winter Care-Line Queries

SPILLERS® Reveals Most Frequen…

Feb 16, 2017 / Products & Services

The SPILLERS® Care-Line is invariably at its hottest during the winter months. Clare Barfoot RNutr, the Research and Development Manager at SPILLERS®, reveals some of the most frequently asked questions and provides the answers, to help you keep your horse in fine fettl...

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Blue Chip Dynamic

Blue Chip Dynamic

Feb 03, 2017 / Products & Services

Blue Chip Dynamic is Blue Chip Feed’s bestselling pelleted joint and bone supplement, which has been specifically formulated to facilitate optimal bone development and support the maintenance of the joints and surrounding tissues. ...

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Photizo Aided a Miraculous Recovery  for Nemo an Irish Sports Horse

Photizo Aided a Miraculous Rec…

Feb 02, 2017 / Products & Services

When Eventer, Abi Dean, re-homed an Irish sports Horse, named Nemo she couldn’t have imagined the journey to recovery that this brave horse would endure. ...

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