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New research collection shows how cutting-edge imaging is improving equine head and spine diagnoses

New research collection shows …

Dec 08, 2016 / Industry

The better vets can examine their equine patients the better they are able diagnose and treat them. The good news is that major progress in imaging of the head and spine is helping to achieve exactly this. ...

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Research sheds new light on Equine Grass Sickness

Research sheds new light on Eq…

Nov 18, 2016 / Industry

New research on equine grass sickness (EGS) that has been recently published, has improved our understanding of this devastating disease. ...

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BEVA Announces New Junior Vice President

BEVA Announces New Junior Vice…

Sep 28, 2016 / Industry

The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) has elected Renate Weller, Professor of Comparative Imaging and Biomechanics at the Royal Veterinary College, London, as Junior Vice President of the Association.

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Imotek showcases NEW ultrasound and MRI at BEVA:

Imotek showcases NEW ultrasoun…

Sep 21, 2016 / Industry

A New Front Runner for Equine Ultrasound

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New From Virbac – Inflacam Granules The Only Meloxicam Granules On The Market

New From Virbac – Inflacam Gra…

Sep 16, 2016 / Industry

Reduce inflammation with confidence and convenience with Inflacam Granules, the new meloxicam presentation for horses. This potent anti-inflammatory product alleviates inflammation and relieves pain in both acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders. ...

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BEVA Trust projects inspire vets to volunteer

BEVA Trust projects inspire ve…

Sep 12, 2016 / Industry

BEVA Trust’s new focus on voluntary projects has inspired more than 45 BEVA members to get stuck in to some challenging healthcare and education initiatives both at home and abroad this year.

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Products & Services

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Gastrointestinal Health when Feeding and Managing for Performance

Gastrointestinal Health when F…

Nov 29, 2016 / Products & Services

Written by Emma Hardy, PhD Professor Derek Knottenbelt and his team at Glasgow Veterinary School are working hard to broaden our understanding of gastrointestinal health problems, particularly when originating from modern feeding and management for peak performance. ...

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Chanelle launches generic Phenylbutazone

Chanelle launches generic Phen…

Oct 28, 2016 / Products & Services

Chanelle have launched Chanazone® Apple Flavoured Granules, a generic Phenylbutazone powder for use in equine veterinary practices across the UK and Europe. ...

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Innovative equine patch is a natural aid to mobility

Innovative equine patch is a n…

Oct 14, 2016 / Products & Services

Lintbells, maker of the popular joint supplement YUMOVE Horse Active Joint, has launched an innovative, natural patch to ease joint stiffness and support mobility in horses. YUMOVE Horse Active Joint Patch will act locally and faster than the supplement to help restore ...

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Give it a try! Equimins launches new trial size Extra Strength Fly Repellent

Give it a try! Equimins launch…

Jul 20, 2016 / Products & Services

Equimins is delighted to welcome the 100ml trial size Extra Strength Fly Repellent to its extensive Fly & Midge collection. 

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Activo-Med Therapy Systems

Activo-Med Therapy Systems

Apr 12, 2016 / Products & Services

Activo-Med state of the art therapy systems apply pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) and massage therapy to different areas of the horse’s body.

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How to wash wool video launched by NuuMed

How to wash wool video launche…

Mar 15, 2016 / Products & Services

Wool has so many benefits when incorporated into a saddlepad or numnah, but some people can be a little concerned about its care. That’s the reason that British saddlepad and numnah manufacturer, NuuMed, created a video to explain how easy it is. ...

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